Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hockeyville (8) - Coach's Corner in North Bay

All Canadian hockey fans will recognize the dapper gentleman walking to centre ice as being Don Cherry, also know as Grapes. He is a former Boston Bruins coach and has a wonderfully colourful programme called "Coach's Corner" which is aired during the first intermission of all Saturday night hockey games televised on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) flagship show "Hockey Night in Canada".

His partner on the show for the past 18 years has been Ron MacLean. Ron although a dapper dresser himself, cannot match the stylish and sometimes flamboyant suits and ties that Don wears. (If you can't tell, Don is wearing the teal suit with yellow tie).

Don Cherry usually very outspoken all issues not just hockey. Not everyone in Canada agrees with Don but almost no hockey fan will miss watching his programme.

This evening during Hockeyville, they put on a great live "Coach's Corner". Don had some colourful things to say while as usual, Ron was more diplomatic in his comments. Don was even told by a NHL suit that they needed to end their programme so that the Zambonis could come out to flood the rink but Don said "we'll stop when we want to" and the fans just "screamed" their approval for Don & Ron to continue their talking.

Thank yous goes out to the CBC, Ron MacLean and Don Cherry for being a part of North Bay's Hockeyville.


Denton said...

Yes Don is quite dapper. It is work enlarging the photo to see ... If they turned the Zambonis lose I would certainly get out of the way ... When you say "to flood the ring" I assume that is a term for what the Zambonis do. Is there a flooding of water on to the ice or just a melting and smoothing of ice?

Joy said...

I can only say you really love hockey!

Your Love Coach

Clueless in boston said...

I'm not a hockey fan, but do know the name of Don Cherry from his days here in Boston.

I guess when you get old and curmudgeonly :) you can attract a lot of fans. Too bad for the Zamboni drivers having to wait around, but hell they were probably getting paid OT.

Shame on the NHL suit for trying to push his weight around, but how typical for those corporate types.

Isn't it early for so much hockey? Damn, baseball is still going on and the Red Sox are slowly flushing themselves down the toilet again.

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Yeh Northbay,
The hokey is FUN, you're so right about that Have fun!I enjoy to see the photo's too!

Thanks for your always good wishes, have a fantastic week!


PaB said...

I can't take part of your discussion about hockey manager.
I have edit my post "Roman Wall" and add information.
Thanks for your visits and questions.

Annie said...

Ah, thanks for introducing me to this man with a style all his own.

luke156 said...

my local hockey team starts Oct 6, I'll be playing halo 3 every Saturday night till then. nice shot!

Neva said...

I am not a big sports fan so I don't know him but his suit is pretty wild!!