Monday, September 24, 2007

Hockeyville (7) - Breakaway

Thrashers get a breakaway late in the period but are denied the goal!

To answer some of your questions. Memorial Gardens is certainly small for NHL standards as it seats just over 4000, but it is certainly adequate for an OHL team or another major junior team. Plus there is nothing like being a nice & noisy arena when your team is winning!!


PaB said...

Congratulations to your team !
I'm waiting for the final score.

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi Northbay,
I agree 'the more noise the more fun', esspecially when they are

BTW did they win?

Thanks for reacting , uour so sweet thanks so much !

Also from Ios: Woooof!

luke156 said...

now that I think about it you can't take a camera in our arena for the hockey games, I think its league regulations....nice shot!

Olivier said...

rien ne vaut d'etre dans un stade............sauf quand son equipe perd ;o)). Mais je vais voir tous les matchs de football du PSG, et j'adore l'ambiance du stade.

nothing is worth to be in a stadium ............ except when its team loses ;O)). But I will see all the matches of football of the PSG, and I adore the environment of the stadium.

Denton said...

It would be scary being the goalie at that point ... I was on a business trip to Canada a few years back. Hockey was so popular that the kids played a game in the hallway of my hotel.

bluechic said...

good on you! so did your team win? (i hope so... :)