Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ship Shaped Playground in Callander

Less than 3 miles south of North Bay is the town of Callander. It's a pretty little town of about 3,200 people situated on the shores of Lake Nipissing. They have a beautiful playground right in the middle of town and on the shores of the lake. There is a play set in the shape of a ship for all the kids to even has a ramp so that those children who are unable to climb can get up on parts of the ship.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Gas Prices Going Up

I know that gas prices here in Canada are relatively cheap compared to the rest of the world (except for the USA) but it has been quite a while since I have been able to gas up for under $1 per litre. I am starting to think that gas won't go back under a $1 per litre, at least not this summer. It seems strange that a lot of the refinery shutdowns and refurbishments occur right at the start of the peak driving season while demand is quite high. I am not suggesting that the gas companies are manipulating supplies to keep prices artificially high but draw your own conclusions when you see stories in the news about tight gas supplies and then the next day the price jumps!!!

This Shell Canada station is located at 390 Lakeshore Dr. It is always well lit and very clean. The personnel are also very friendly and personable (must be hard at times, since I imagine that they get more than their fair share of people complaining about the price of gas).

I know that the gas station owners (whether an independent or franchisee) aren't the ones making money off the high prices but they certainly bare the brunt of the public's anger when it should be directed at the corporate offices and refinery divisions!!

By the way, the price of gas was $1.106 per litre and I am betting a least a 5 to 7 cent jump by tomorrow morning!! If you want to see Gas Prices in Ontario go to this handy consumer site: GasBuddy Ontario or if you are somewhere else in Canada or the USA, go to GasBuddy's main site.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ONR Bus & Train Terminal

This is the ONR Train & Bus Terminal in North Bay located at 100 Station Road. There is a pedestrian tunnel underneath the tracks connecting the station to the NorthGate Shopping Centre. There are 2 passenger trains running 6 days a week (no passenger service on Saturdays). The northbound train leaves at 2:05pm to arrive in Cochrane at 7:25pm, while the southbound train arrives at the station at 1:25pm to continue on to Toronto for arrival at 6:30pm.
The photo was taken from atop the parking garage at the mall (5th level).

North Bay YMCA

South side of the North Bay YMCA located at 186 Chippewa St West. The facility includes a 25 metre multi-lane pool and therapeutic, shallow and wading pools (that's the new addition which is the light coloured & glass section in the photo).

Monday, May 21, 2007

Looking North along Hwy 11

Looking up Thibault Hill at the north end of North Bay.
(at the intersection of Airport Road & Hwy 11)
There is a runaway truck lane on the southbound side since in the past there have been some series accidents caused by trucks losing their brakes on the steep hill.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Driving past Tweedsmuir Public School

Just took a quick shot of Tweedsmuir Public School and got the peach coloured hotrod driving along Lakeshore Dr as a bonus.