Saturday, August 18, 2007

Volleyball at Memorial Beach

Just a hop, skip and jump from the downtown core is where you will find this volleyball game on the shores of Lake Nipissing (Memorial Beach).

Friday, August 17, 2007

Sphinx drupiferarum (wild cherry sphinx) - Monster for Short

This interesting monster will eventually turn into a large moth. Here's a link that shows what this little monster will turn into - Wild Cherry Sphinx.

The reason I said monster, was this cute and what appeared to be slow moving caterpillar actually lunged and tried to strike my hand with its sharp horn. YES, I said HORN (more like a large SPIKE though). I was trying to place my hand near the sphinx in order to give a reference for its size but alas I learned my lesson and will just have to describe its length instead (between 5- 6 inches).

The wild cherry sphinx has a range from Nova Scotia to BC (British Columbia) and as far south as Georgia. It is not that common in its range though.
The neighbours (including an octogenarian) had never seen anything like this before. After taking the photos and moving the caterpillar away from the house (so it wouldn’t get stepped on – more for our protection than its), we have not seen the sphinx again. Maybe will we see the moth next year as the caterpillar is supposed to overwinter in underground burrows.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sunset over West Ferris Neighbourhood

Nothing too exciting. Just another quiet evening enjoying the sunset in the West Ferris area of North Bay.

But tomorrow, I will have a photo of a monster!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Disc Golf Course - Jack Pine Hill

Today's photo is at the start of the Disc Golf Course that is on the Jack Pine Hill (during the winter, this is the downhill ski hill that is right in the middle of town). The North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority is responsible for the Laurentian Escarpment Conservation Area of which the ski hill is well-used recreation facility.

This photo is taken near the top of the hill, while I had previously posted one of the ski-hill from the bottom.

I have not played disc golf but it does look like fun and the views from this course are fantastic! The Rotary Club of North Bay were one of the leading volunteers in creating the disc golf course.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Double Bikes - Lake Nipissing Waterfront

This year at the North Bay waterfront from Thursday till Sunday you can rent one of these bikes from

The business is owned by Daryl & Michele Vaillancourt. Daryl Vaillancourt is North Bay City Councillor as well as a local business person. If you go to their website you can see the current prices for renting for 1hour or the day.

I personally haven't ridden on them but they do look like a lot of fun! When I have been riding along the Kate Pace Way bike path and pass the people (usually families) riding these bikes, they all seem to be smiling and laughing and having a grand time! I just may have to give it try sometime before winter lands!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Duchesnay Falls East Channel (summer)

Saturday's post of Duchesnay Falls showed the west channel flowing with water while the east channel is dry (well almost dry, there is a little trickle as can be seen from the wet rocks). Trust me, the rocks were wet and slippery, almost lost my camera trying to walk up this cascade! This coming winter and spring, I will post seasonal photos for a different perspective.