Friday, June 15, 2007

Redeemer Lutheran Church - Father's Day Message

This Sunday (June 17) they will be holding a sit-in demonstration in support of Father. How many fathers will be attending instead of hitting the links or sleeping in? Because after all it is Father’s Day so dads are hoping to just sit back and enjoy the day barbecuing and watching some baseball. Or do they mean the other “Father”, in which case you better not be late for the 10:30am start time!!

This church is located at the corner of Second Ave E & Fergurson St. It is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Kate Pace Way - near Deciare Rd

This photo shows a portion of the Kate Pace Way near Decaire Rd. It's a bike, inline skate & walking path from Callander to the North Bay waterfront. The trail is named for the alpine skier Kate Pace who is from North Bay. The trail goes thru forests, along the CPR rail line and the ONR freight yard before ending at the waterfront. It's a fantastic trail to bike, only problem - have to watch out for black bears. Even though the trail is in the city, the bears will sometimes surprise trail users and vice versa.
The trail is part of the Trans Canada Trail - an 18,000 - kilometer recreational corridor winding its way through every Province and territory, linking 800 communities along its route. When completed, this will be the longest trail of its kind in the world.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tim Hortons 03 - Canadian Tire on McKeown Ave

Here's another in the North Bay Tim Hortons series. This Timmys is located inside the Canadian Tire store on McKeown Ave.

Tim Hortons has surpassed McDonald's as Canada's largest food service operator. It has nearly twice as many Canadian outlets as McDonald's.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Birchaven Cove Park (3rd)

Another view of Trout Lake, this time from the north end of Birchaven Cove Park. North Bay is blessed with lots of lakes and great swimming and fishing opportunities.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Birchaven Cove Park (2nd)

During the summer (July & August) there will be lifeguards on duty at this Trout Lake swimming hole. Since it is still early June, you have to swim at your risk. The water is quite clear and cool. Some of the teens like to swim across to the island (in the background), as well, to the right side of the photo, there are some rocks that the "kids" like to jump off and into the water.

I have tried to smudge the people's faces in the photos to protect their privacy - please let me know if there is still too much detail that might be used to identify people. I try not to include people in the photos but it's hard to take a snapshot of a public swimming beach without getting some people in the photo.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Birchaven Cove Park (1st)

Birchaven Cove is a beach located on Trout Lake. You can catch the North Bay Transit bus 4E Birchaven to get to the park which is at the corner of Found Ct & Camelot Dr.