Thursday, May 17, 2007

Laurentian Ski Hill (right in the middle of town)

The Laurentian Ski Hill is right in the middle of town. Although it is not a large ski hill (veritcal of 350 feet), it serves it the community quite well. They have night skiing as well as a terrain park for snowboarders. It is convenient since it is just down the road from Widdifield High School and it on the city bus route.

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Anonymous said...

That would be impressive to have a ski hill in town. I probably looks more impressive in the winter when covered with ice and snow.

To answer your comment about the leaves on the tree...

Actually they are tiny leaves and disappear into the grass. Those that fall on the roof blow off, so they are one of the least messy trees we have.

The white oak, which produced acorns for the squirrels, is really a messy tree. Some of that comes from the squirrels scampering about but the tree itself discards limbs that are shaded and those fall off. Especially the twigs.

Thank you for the visit to my blog and for your comments there. I really appreciate it a lot.

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