Thursday, June 14, 2007

Kate Pace Way - near Deciare Rd

This photo shows a portion of the Kate Pace Way near Decaire Rd. It's a bike, inline skate & walking path from Callander to the North Bay waterfront. The trail is named for the alpine skier Kate Pace who is from North Bay. The trail goes thru forests, along the CPR rail line and the ONR freight yard before ending at the waterfront. It's a fantastic trail to bike, only problem - have to watch out for black bears. Even though the trail is in the city, the bears will sometimes surprise trail users and vice versa.
The trail is part of the Trans Canada Trail - an 18,000 - kilometer recreational corridor winding its way through every Province and territory, linking 800 communities along its route. When completed, this will be the longest trail of its kind in the world.


Bergson said...

Beautiful report

We have a way like that it but it makes only 10 km

in bike or in roller, when you a bear crosses
the sprint must be obligatory


Karola&Pamp said...

We like a roads like this for cycling. The rows of trees which makes a nice shadow. ;))

Anonymous said...

That is very nice. I like those that are shaded. Our bikeway is mostly in the country in between fields.

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Today you will get to see the baby raccoons...
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Talena said...

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