Sunday, September 2, 2007

Ottawa for IOS

I'm on holidays & in an area that has no telephone service (including cell phones) or internt service so I won't be responding to any comments until later this week when I get back. But I have arranged for posts to be uploaded.

Yesterday was Theme Day and it was about street signs and such so I figured why not post a couple more today. If you are driving from the south and change your mind about visiting North Bay, you can turn east and head to Ottawa along Highway 17 (a Trans Canada Highway).

I actually have posted this for JoAnn from the Netherlands whose dog IOS has been having a tough time as of late.

And the below photo shows how far it is from North Bay to Ottawa. The distance listed is in kilometres.


Annie said...

It looks just like the roadsigns here, except for the name of the towns, of course.

CaBaCuRl said...

I'm wondering are main highway/motorway/freeway signs green and white the world over? Our's are in Australia.

luke156 said...

wow, long trip, drive safe!

Olivier said...

je te souhaite de bonne vacances, profite bien

I wish you good holidays, profits well

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Thank YOU (wooooof!)THANKYOI!!!!
From IOS and me , I was ( and I still am) Sick last weekend and today , yesterday , so I blogged myseld but visited not everyone.

As a matter of fact my aunt is leaving soon for a visit to Ottawa, So I really hope she will make some photo's!!

Thanks so much (also again from IOS) You're such a sweet person!!!!

Thankyou :) JoAnn and IOSje