Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kraft Hockeyville (3) - Chris Dawson hoisting Hockeyville Cup

More Hockeyville photos. I know some of you may be bored with viewing more hockey photos but seeing as that I'm Canadian, you either learn to love hockey or you go insane!! Or maybe it's the other way around, you go insane and then you learn to love all things hockey!!

Here we see Chris Dawson (one of the organizers of the local community group that was essential in North Bay being named Hockeyville 2007) hoisting the Hockeyville Cup while NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman looks on.


JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

thats interesting Ice hockey??? We do not have that here , NOOOO I am not bored by seeing such photo's its interesting!

OOH and:
Thanks for voting ( 2 Details) the score is 6 for B&w and 6 for colour, sooo uhhh...even.:)

Bye JoAnn :)

Olivier said...

le match va bientôt commencer, on se prépare, le coca , les pop corns et on regarde..ALLEZ NEW YORK ISLANDERS

the match soon will start, one prepares, the Coke, the pop corns and one looks at. GO NEW YORK ISLANDERS

Joy said...

They look all ready to play. Nice shot!

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo.

Your Love Coach

Clueless in boston said...

Great shot. I'm not a big hockey fan, but the game is much better in person than on tv.

luke156 said...

We have a local hockey team here in Spokane, WA; we go to their games every weekend. nice shot!