Saturday, July 28, 2007

CF100 "Canuck" in Lee Park

This series of plaques are on the base of the CF100 "Canuck" honouring our Canadian forces and the men and women who served.

I was just going to post photos of the CF100 itself (it's a plane) but then I saw the reflections that were in the plaques and thought you could see parts of North Bay and so I have included them.

From left to right the reflections are:

1) Holy Name of Jesus Christ Catholic Church (at 895 Memorial Drive) - this is on the west side of the plane

2) the series of lights are from the Veterans Field Soccer Pitch for evening games (this is facing the east side of the plane)

3) the reflection of the south, shows the corner of Judge Street and Lakeshore Drive (where you can play mini-golf and grab an ice-cream - I'll put a photo up sometime later this summer).


Neva said...

This is a great shot....I love the way it looks.....I like your park!

Lavenderlady said...

What a cleaver idea! This give me a thought for something I can do.