Saturday, May 12, 2007

North Bay Masonic Temple

As part of Doors Open North Bay, the North Bay Masonic Temple was opened to outside visitors to get a glimpse of what is contained within.

The building is located at 183 First Ave West.

The Temple was built in 1928. The outside still retains much of the original masonry except for the back of the building (25 feet) which had to be rebuilt for structural reasons (there is no stone work for whatever reason on this section of the building).

The meeting room is on the second floor and has an interesting carpet which has Masonic images including the Square and Compass symbol. It is common knowledge within the lodge that the carpet was actually purchased from Eaton's and not specially ordered.


Ralph M. said...

Actually Eaton's offered the "Masonic" symbolled carpet as part of their inventory as many new lodges were being re-modelled and constructed as the fraternity grew steadily in the early and mid 1900's. As you may imagine it's a specific pattern and many of the Eaton's family and management group were active Masons. Bro. Ralph M. Litfin, The Electric Lodge #495, A F & M, Hamilton ON.

Doshema said...
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